The New Jersey Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJ CAMA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1986. Our mission is to support a community of creative and business professionals with programs and resources that continually improve the effectiveness and integrity of communications, delivered through advertising, marketing programs, public relations and other tactical efforts.

With a primary membership comprised of those developing communication strategy and creative, those providing services and products to the industry, those managing marketing communications for a business or those managing communications firms, CAMA’s mission is supported by four primary goals. Guided by an elected, all-volunteer Board of Directors, the association’s objectives are to:

  • Provide professional development programs that expand members’ creative and strategic capabilities;
  • Provide resources and ideas that support the business of our member organizations;
  • Create an environment where camaraderie and fellowship thrive among people with common interests and professional goals; and
  • Be the focal point for current and future development of the communications profession in New Jersey.