Design – and Implement – Your Strategic Plan


Join NJCAMA and Princeton Startup Grind on Thursday, May 2nd,
6:30 – 8:30 PM at Tigerlabs, 252 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ
There will be light refreshments • Cost is $10

Please join us on Thursday, May 2 when Marion Reinson, President of To The Point, will discuss how to ensure that your strategic plan vision becomes a reality.

Designing a strategic plan helps you look forward and prepare your company for innovation and growth. A well-developed and executed strategic plan, combined with the right business model, can give you a competitive advantage. However, many companies that create a strategic plan sometimes struggle when it comes to implementation.

In her insightful workshop, Marion will describe the entrepreneurial mindset and how it factors into innovation and growth. She will also explain how to identify your customers’ needs, motivations, and most importantly, how they interact with you, preparing you for success.

Marion is passionate about helping her clients focus on what’s important – developing and implementing an effective strategic plan. And, she doesn’t simply give advice; Marion effectively works her way out of a job by teaching businesses how to craft a strategic plan to best utilize their most valued resources . . . time, talent, and money.

About the Speaker
Marion Reinson, founder of To The Point, has a unique approach to business consulting that is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of businesses at different stages and challenges. She blends high-level consulting with on-the-ground coaching and execution to make sure your vision is realized, and that real work is getting done all along the way. Whether you’re a startup formulating a strategy or an established business looking to grow, she will design tailor made programs that respond to your current needs and progress.

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