2016 NJCAMA Board Election Ratified

NJ CAMA 2016 – 2018 Board of Directors (2-Year Term, September 1, 2016 – August, 31, 2018)

The following officers were ratified at the Open Board Meeting held July 22, 2016 at noon.
Secretary: Frank Peluso, Frank@FrankPelusoLLC.com

Finance Co- Chairs:
– Arifa Yousafzai, VP, ayousafzai@financialguide.com
– Harvey Barry, VP, harvey@visionworksunlimited.com

VP Membership:
– Philip De Rita, philderita83@gmail.com

Programs & Sites:
–  Beth Brody, Co-Chair, VP Programs, beth@brodypr.com
–  Lauren Simeone Berman, Co-Chair,  VP Programs, lesimeone@verizon.net
–  Wendy Zoffer, Co-Chair, VP Sites, info@princetonmusic.com

ASTRA Awards Co-Chair:
– Nancy Fischer, VP, ncf@mindspring.com
– Michael Piperno, VP, mpiperno@imbuecreative.com

Public Relations Co-Chairs:
– Bill Cook, VP Publicity, williamcookpr@gmail.com
– Tanina Besecker, VP Social Media, tbesecker@withum.com

Website & eCommunications Co-Chairs:
– Steve Lubetkin, VP, steve@lubetkincommunications.com
– Marina Furey, VP, fureymm@gmail.com

Directors at Large:
Larry Trink, Immediate Past President, ltrink@comcast.net
Erin Klebaur, Immediate Past EVP, eklebaur@cmasolutions.com



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